Holodesic Solutions, LLC
Holo: complete, whole  De: subtract, abstract  Ic: of, or pertaining to
Business Intelligence solutions for small- to mid-sized business...

Holodesic:  adj; holo-dessik, -dee-zik

Holodesic:  The approach to busines analytics that considers the whole, all its parts, and how they relate to each other within the whole.

The term we use to describe our approach to business intelligence implementation.  

                      * * *

Have you heard BI can help you boost your profits by showing you how to...

  • Increase your market share?
  • Identify cost savings?
  • Predict the next trend?

It's true!  

BI can help you do all that and more.  But there's a catch - and here it is... 

If you don't do it right, you can waste lots of money and miss opportunities

A solid BI application is...

Guided by industry-specific experience and business acumen.   

Fast, accurate, and available 24/7.


Tailored to your unique needs.   

Right-sized and priced right.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is what you use to figure out how to improve your business.

We believe...
  • BI exists in the minds of people delivering products and services - not in tools. 
  • The best BI solutions are guided by a very rigorous and multi-dimensional approach to understanding each aspect of the business.  All of its parts and processes - how they relate to each other and to the whole.   
  • The best BI solution demands a thorough understanding of the business goals and objectives, as well as its culture and context.  

Holodesic Solutions offers BI consulting and solutions that are right-sized and affordable for small- to mid-sized organizations.

We include the pieces often missing from BI implementations:

  • Experience in your industry
  • Business acumen to complement your own
  • Multiple tool suites 

See if our approach is right for you.  Get one big question answered - with our compliments!


Email: info@holodesicsolutions.com 


Note to BI pros...  

Holodesic Solutions promotes better-than-best practices for the professionals working in the field of BI, through BI-TAG events.  BI-TAG 2008 was a terrific success! 

Presentations and white papers from BI-TAG 2008 are available at our co-sponsor's web site:  http://biepm.com/bi-tag.          

Preparations for BI-TAG 2009 are already underway!  For information on becoming a presenter or to submit a paper for this event, contact us at:  bi-tag@holodesicsolutions.com





Interested in a career in BI?  Contact Kim Braendel at kbraendel@holodesicsolutions.com

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